Have You Been Writing?

Photo By Andrew Stawarz

Every year, writers’ conference faculty and attendees leave San Miguel inspired and excited to write, but we rarely see any of the work that our writers create when they return home.   With this in mind the San Miguel Writers’ Conference has started, a bi-monthly feature article containing the work … [Read more...]

New Photo Gallery on the Writers’ Conference Blog


Our official photographer, Charlotte Bell, has been taking pictures at the San Miguel Writers' Conference for a number of years.  Now you can see photos from 2011 to 2014 on our blog in our new photo gallery. Pictures from the 2014 San Miguel Writers' Writers' Conference featuring Calvin Trillin, … [Read more...]

2014 Panels | San Miguel Writers’ Conference

Juan Villoro and Luis Urrea

This year we have more panels than ever before and the topics range from “When you need a literary agent” to “Women write their lives” to “The art of memoir writing.”  If you want to learn from the experts, you won’t want to miss some of these amazing discussions. New Era of Publishing - Making … [Read more...]

Bring Your Books


When I first started working for the San Miguel Writers’ Conference we would meet in a small group at a café and plan the conference.  Back then we had about 65 full conference attendees, and a keynote speaker would attract roughly 500 people.  I recall being told at one of those first meetings that … [Read more...]

Tickets on Sale at La Biblioteca

2014 San Miguel Writers' Conference

The San Miguel Writers’ Conference will be selling tickets to many of the conference's events in the Biblioteca Publica (Insurgentes # 25).  If you’d like to register for the conference, buy tickets, or pick up information (in English and Spanish), come by between 11 AM and 2 PM on the dates … [Read more...]

San Miguel Writers’ Conference | Student Discount Package

San Miguel Writers' Conference Opening Reception

We are pleased to announce the San Miguel Writers’ Conference is now offering a limited number of “Student Discount” Packages.  If you are a student currently enrolled in a university program, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to come see keynote speaker Yann Martel, participate in workshops, … [Read more...]

Interactive Schedule at a Glance | San Miguel Writers’ Conference

San Miguel de Allende

The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is pleased to announce you can now download the “Interactive Schedule at a Glance.”  This new feature offers all the highlights of the conference in a pdf. file with links to webpages where you’ll find more information about each event. With this new schedule … [Read more...]

San Miguel Writers’ Conference Presents Women of Will

Tina Packer and Nigel Gore in Women of Will

Tina Packer’s Women of Will is the bonus content to Shakespeare’s plays you've been searching for.  You won’t want to miss this riveting live performance, which traces the chronological evolution of Shakespeare’s female characters, and examines Shakespeare’s own journey and growth as a … [Read more...]

2014 San Miguel Writers’ Conference Website Now Live

Photo By William Arthur Fine Stationary

The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is excited to announce our 2014 website is live and ready for you to browse.  Want to know more about this year’s faculty?  Are you interested in which agents will be offering pitch sessions in February?  Well, you can read about who is coming in 2014  on our … [Read more...]

Registration for the 2014 San Miguel Writers’ Conference is Now Open!

San Miguel de Allende

We’re excited to announce registration for the 2014 San Miguel Writers’ Conference is Now Open!  For a limited time we will be offering a discount during our “Early Bard Special.”  If you register for a “Whole Enchilada Conference Package,” a “Full Conference Package,” or a “Basic Conference … [Read more...]